Thursday, July 30, 2009

The End Of Our Journey: Doleful Trip Back

This is the 3rd post. Go back down to read my Kakom experience from the beginning. Thanks!

It had to end somewhere but it ended with a BANG!

So Kakom had to end, right? It was sad. I felt it first thing Wednesday morning. I slept at 4.30am and woke up at 6.30am. That night, I hung out with some of the futsal players. We chatted for like 2 hours. We had to control the loudness of our laughter because everyone else was asleep. It was fun cause I'm not close with the futsal players and that night i realized who they really are. They are actually pretty awesome guys with a great sense of humor.

It was pretty quite in the bus. We passed through Perlis and got to see just how natural that state is. The never ending sugar cane plantation was magnificent. When we arrived at Gua Kelam, it started to rain. Zhi Hui joked that the cave would be flooded and we would all die. The she asked me if I drowned, which of the basketball players would save me first. I actually do have a clear answer in my head.

Gua Kelam was interesting. There is so much history to it. The funny part was when Fong Lin translated some of the chinese words that were written on the walls of the caves and it says something like "I miss my girlfriend".

Then we went to Padang Besar. The stuff there are like super cheap and the knock offs are of very high quality. Seriously, i can tell if a handbag is original or not and the stuff at Padang Besar are pretty damn close. But I just bought myself a rocker t-shirt (it only cost 10 bucks, I should have bought 8).

The lunch at Jo Cendol Pulut was great. I haven't had cendol in a long time. Plus Zhi Hui, Tien, Aiman and I had great conversations together. The mee kuah was to die for. Honestly! Thanks Cikgu Azman for a superb lunch!

The rest of the ride home was pretty agonizing. No there was no problem with the air conditioning but something messed up my emotions on the bus. Oddly enough, Aiman was the one that soothed my temperamental emotions. It made me realize that he has a heart after all. Thanks dude, I owe you one.

You know, it struck me when the bus dropped me off at Sungai Buloh (when Farhan said bye to me) that i might never have this experience again. I gained a family in Perlis. Will we still be that close when we go back to college? Will we have time for each other? Will you say hi to me if we bumped into each other on the way to class? I know I will try because something like this doesn't come very often and I'm glad it happened to me.

To my KAKOM family, thanks for the great memories. You guys will always have a place in my heart.

Drowning in the symphonies of: Before the Storm by The Jonas Brothers ft Miley Cyrus

Hasta Luego

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Days Of Endurance: Birth Of A Family

KAKOM: It's the real deal, baby!

So Perlis Matriculation College looks bigger and the layout seems more orderly but looks can be deceiving. Seriously, I don't get me started on the toilets. I believe I can endure anything after experiencing bathing in those toilets.

The mornings on Saturday and Sunday were free for me cause my competition was on Monday. After breakfast and a dose of the poco-poco dance, it was off to the sports complex. I didn't know the timing of each game so whenever I see a Melaka jersey, I would stand by the court and cheer. My cheering would be limited cause my voice was crucial for my competition.

You know the funny part, everyone who meets me thinks I'm a tennis player. Hey, I actually can play tennis. I laughed inside everytime they said that because I kept my accent to myself during my time there. I would only speak English during certain times and with certain people. I mean half of my Kakom family have no idea of my fluency towards English.

Competition time was scary. I was literally shaking when I was on stage. But after the first few minutes, things started to calm down. Yeah, I forgot my lines for a little while but hey, nobody's perfect. During the break, I had a bond with one of the public speakers from MARA. She was just like me, talks with an accent, has an infatuation with gourmet food, loves the lavish side of life, craves low fat macchiato during rainy days and we both have a thing for guys with well sculptured bodies.

Before the impromtu speech, all of the contestants were locked in a hall for waiting. There was the time were we got to see the real public speakers. It was nice to be in a group where you can freely talk in English plus all the sophisticated words and not worry if they understand or not.

Thanks to the grace of God, one of the topics that was written in that piece of paper they gave to me was Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I exhaled happily when i saw those 3 words. Environment, jackpot!!! I can't really say much about my impromtu speech cause I can't remember much about it. Weird right?

Ok, when they announced my name for the silver medal, the first thing that popped in my head was "Oh... they are calling my name". Seriously, there wasn't an ounce of optimism in me. It was more like a surprise. Don't judge me as ungrateful but the happiness didn't sink in until later.

After my competition ended, it was off to the sports complex to see my basketball boys play against Perlis. Then all I would do is just cheered for any game that involved KMM. Since my competition was over, my voice was used to its full potential. It was amazing how much team spirit was emanated in every game. It actually made us stronger as a team.

Head banging to the beats of: Patron Tequilla by Paradiso Girls Ft Eve & Lil' John

Hasta Luego!

The Beginning Of The Journey: Budding Friendships

KAKOM is most probably one of the best experiences I have ever went through in my life

So I predict that my KAKOM blog would be a bit long so I'm going to split it into 3 post.

1) The beginning of the journey
2) The days of endurance
3) The end of our journey

I was placed in bus B with the basketball players, futsal team, chess players and my public speaking teammate. I entered the bus late so all the good seats at the back were taken so I end up sitting next to Aiman and the other basketball players. The first hour in the bus was mostly filled with sleepy athletes cause no one had enough sleep the previous night due to all the packing.

At our first stop at Dengkil, we stuffed ourselves with junk food and sat down together. Thats when the bonding time started. We got to see how are people are, we saw people slowly breaking out of their shells. Back on the bus, I surprisingly created an unexpected friendship with the other 2 basketball players, Ifwat and Qayyum. Aiman was practically asleep throughout the whole journey. Thanks for the great company Aiman.... really appreciate it.

We stopped at many places, stuffing ourselves everytime with fruits, chocolates and gaseous drinks. I discovered that Lan is a eating machine. He brought food at every stop we went to, its amazing he's still alive.

At Tapah, we stopped for lunch. I ate KFC with Ann, Hajar, Aiman and Qayyum. I'm not a big KFC fan so I ate the macaroni instead of the chicken. Qayyum on the other hand thinks that 5 pieces of dunkin donuts is considered a healthy lunch. Whatever makes you happy, sweetie....

Then we stopped at Bukit Gantang where there was an all you can eat durian festival. All you need to do is pay RM7.90 and you can ingest as many durians as you like. It started with Aiman then Ann got tangled up in it then everyone joined in. I just stayed in the side lines, taking pictures cause I'm not a heavy durian eater.

Oh, I forgot to mention, after our second stop, the air conditioning in the bus broke down. Yes! It died, just like that. Try to imagine sitting in the bus for 8 hours without air conditioning. Try imagining sitting in a bus for hours with a bunch of people who just shoved down 3 whole durians each.

Apart from the scorching heat, I enjoyed the bus trip to Perlis. I made a hole in my wallet for buying to much junk food, I got to see the basketball players dance to a hindi song, I made new friends and my butt ached when I arrived at Perlis. Still, I had a whale of a time. I didn't even noticed that we spent 12 whole hours in that bus.

Drowning in the symphonies of : Aankhein Khuli from Mohabbatein
(I will never forget the dance you guys did with this song. It was freaking hilarious)

Hasta Luego!