Saturday, June 27, 2009

Painful Week

Note to self: You're not as fit as you were before

So on thursday I fell sick. I refuse to go to the clinic because my illness is not that bad. It's just a severe flu and chest pains. So I went to class looking like a frail little girl who kept popping pills into her mouth like candy. By Friday morning, I was feeling a little better. My flu wasn't as bad as the day before. But during the 11 o'clock chemistry lecture, my chest got really heavy. I kept taking short breaths and it hurt everytime I inhaled.

How smart of me for not bringing my inhaler. I assumed that since my asthma is very mild and I haven't used that inhaler for almost a year so the point of bringing it to college never crossed my mind. WRONG! So after sending my chemistry report, I totally crashed back in my dorm. My friends and roomates were the ones that told me I was incapable to go to Kakom training. I needed to go because we didn't do much training on Thursday. Anyway the painkillers knocked me to slumber as quickly as you can say "Paracetamol".

The Larian Kakom was today and I woke up feeling good. After receiving my medal, we started running out of campus, me proudly holding the Melaka state flag. I ran like the wind until the guard house, after that I decided I wanted to walk instead. 

I fast walked all the way through. A lot of my friends would stop running to regain energy by walking next to me. We would have a small chat and then I would let them go to continue their journey to the finish line. It was a great experience. Plus people stopping beside me for a chat was fun and hilarious at the same time. A typical chat would go like this

Friend: Hey Shana. How are you holding up? (talking while breathing heavily)

Me: Obviously better than you, I'm walking.

Friend: Yeah you got a point.

Me: Well I think you should continue running. I don't want to hold you back. 

Friend: You're not holding me back, I'm just taking a break with you. Anyway, thanks for the chat Shana. See you at the finish line.

Me: Yeah, see you there. Now go run like the wind.

Friend: Got it (says with a smile and then speeds off to finish the race)

So that would be a typical cross country conversation that I experienced. Things got even more interesing when I got to the finish line. I put down the flag and discovered an immense pain on my upper right arm. I checked it out and found out that I couldn't straighten my right arm. I left it that way for a a couple minutes, praying the pain would subside.

My friend Tiqa found me, learned about my condition and told me to see Cikgu Azrin. After much persuasion, I went to see her. She took me to HEP, took out the first aid kit and rubbed some muscle cream on my arm. She massaged my arm, trying to straighten it out but her actions were in vain. She then did this physiotherapy trick where she slowly lifted my arm and lowered it again. The pain was unbearable but it worked and my bicep was finally relaxed. The more dreadful part was when the muscle cream kicked in. It felt like like someone was burning your arm from the inside. 

So I turned out OK thanks to Cikgu Azrin, thanks to Tiqa and thanks to God! Isn't it odd and not to mention funny that I got a bicep cramp during a marathon? Even Encik Khai thought it was unusual. 

At the end of the day, I had tons of fun (minus all the pain). Thats all for today. Behave yourselves!

Drowning in the symphonies of: Spotlight (Twilight remix) by Mutemath

Hasta Leugo!