Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dinner At Twilight

Happy Ramadhan everyone!

So its finally fasting month. Which mean early morning breakfast and twilight dinners. I didn't struggle the first day because I haven't been eating much since I was admitted to the hospital. After I got out, my lack of appetite continued so now during the fasting month, excruciating hunger rarely inhibits me. But I have to say, it is kind of tiring. Your energy drains faster than usual.

Want to know the fun thing of this past fasting week? It's breaking fast with my friends. I rotate around a lot. A day with my awesome roommates, a day with Tiqa, a day with my sayangs. Maybe starting next week I'll break fast with my lectures friends or people of the same block like Elle, Syud or Azra.

I'm back home this Merdeka weekend. I'm meeting up with my high school friends tomorrow for dinner. One of my friends called me up and told me that she wants this dinner to be like my 17th birthday party last year. It was held at TGI Fridays at Pavillion. It took me like 2 weeks to plan it out, think of a theme, print out the invitations and book the restaurant.

I believe its one of the best experiences I have ever went through. It was just me and my 20 closes friends. That time, we weren't divided by our cliques like in high school. I was a universal girl back then and befriends with everyone from different cliques. So when it came time for my party, I wanted to invite everyone. Thankfully all of them could tolerate each other regardless of the fact that they came from different circles.

The theme was preppy. So technically all of us were prancing around Pavie after our meal looking like a bunch of elite prim east side girls. I got the idea for the theme from a book called Private by Kate Brian. The cover of the book was actually my inspiration. I love to wear cashmere sweaters, polo tees and oxford shirts under knitted tops.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and happy fasting! I can't wait to eat my pizza for sahor.... hahaha....

Drowning in the symphonies of: It's gonna be me by N'SYNC

Hasta Leugo!