Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Alright, It's OK

So my Raya was sort of OK this year. Who knew?

Due to my divorced parentage, I never had a decent Raya since I was 7. So the thought of a cheerful Raya this year never crossed my mind. It already arrived to a point where I actually don't see the joy of Raya. My plan was to get my money and hit Pavie for some shopping.

The first day was alright. I hung out with my cousins at my grandma's house. Then we went to Raub to meet my stepdad's family. I didn't enjoy myself too much there. After the 2nd house, I got tired. I'm not a big fan of house hoping....

The next day was to PakSu's house. Raya started to get better when I was there. My cousins and I played Taboo which is a modern game of charades. We had so much fun and we laughed like there was no tomorrow. The best part was when all the adults played too. Try to imagine the whole house playing charades. It was priceless!

The next day was straight to Kedah to meet up with my stepdad's best friend and his family. We stayed over their house and moved on to Penang for some relaxation time. I met Hardin at Penang which was awesome. We didn't get to hang out long but it was nice to see one of my sayangs. After Penang we went to N9 where Auntie Shasha's family house was. It was so damn near to KMM!

Then it was to Nilai to sleepover at Auntie Shasha's house. Then it was finally back to KL. Tiring? Hell yeah! But I had a blast. The roadtrip part made my Raya. Now Nelly and Naufal are practically my siblings. To see my whole Raya picture album, click here.

So yeah, my raya was OK. How about yours?

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ramadhan Workouts

It's all in the wrist

So I know that it's fasting month and energy is drained from your body faster than you can say "Hunger! Oh the the hunger!". But today after many invitation from others, Tiqa and I went to Astaka for some 'riadah' time.

Zhi Hui, Tien, Ifwat and Qayyum were busy playing doubles in the tennis court. It was weird to see Ifwat using his basketball skills while playing tennis. It was funny to see Qayyum making faces everytime he misses a shot. It was hilarious to see both of them get beat up by 2 girls. But hey, Zhi Hui and Tien are Kakom silver medalist.

Tiqa and I decided to give basketball a try. Mind you, I meticulous watched my sayangs play every game during Kakom and I know all their individual tricks by heart. But never did I thought of actually playing with them.

Even though Aiman says he can't teach, but when it comes to basketball, he's wrong. He taught Tiqa and I to shoot and dribble. After passing the shooting stage, he taught me how to do a 'layout'. Its a two step move where you vertically shoot the ball up and the momentum would miraculously take it into the hoop. After many attempts, I managed to do it once. Aiman was patient the whole way, correcting my mistakes and improving my skills.

I can't believe I'm actually complimenting Aiman in the cyber world..... You're welcome sweetheart!

After watching the boys play a couple of rounds, smack talking in court and learning that Aiman 2 (there was another Aiman in court) is actually an awesome player, we went our separate ways. I then headed back, took a long cold shower and ate dinner with my roommates.

It was a cool day and my arms are starting to regain its muscular shape. I'm so gonna beat your biceps Elle! Look out! :P

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Hasta Luego!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dinner At Twilight

Happy Ramadhan everyone!

So its finally fasting month. Which mean early morning breakfast and twilight dinners. I didn't struggle the first day because I haven't been eating much since I was admitted to the hospital. After I got out, my lack of appetite continued so now during the fasting month, excruciating hunger rarely inhibits me. But I have to say, it is kind of tiring. Your energy drains faster than usual.

Want to know the fun thing of this past fasting week? It's breaking fast with my friends. I rotate around a lot. A day with my awesome roommates, a day with Tiqa, a day with my sayangs. Maybe starting next week I'll break fast with my lectures friends or people of the same block like Elle, Syud or Azra.

I'm back home this Merdeka weekend. I'm meeting up with my high school friends tomorrow for dinner. One of my friends called me up and told me that she wants this dinner to be like my 17th birthday party last year. It was held at TGI Fridays at Pavillion. It took me like 2 weeks to plan it out, think of a theme, print out the invitations and book the restaurant.

I believe its one of the best experiences I have ever went through. It was just me and my 20 closes friends. That time, we weren't divided by our cliques like in high school. I was a universal girl back then and befriends with everyone from different cliques. So when it came time for my party, I wanted to invite everyone. Thankfully all of them could tolerate each other regardless of the fact that they came from different circles.

The theme was preppy. So technically all of us were prancing around Pavie after our meal looking like a bunch of elite prim east side girls. I got the idea for the theme from a book called Private by Kate Brian. The cover of the book was actually my inspiration. I love to wear cashmere sweaters, polo tees and oxford shirts under knitted tops.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and happy fasting! I can't wait to eat my pizza for sahor.... hahaha....

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Hasta Leugo!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Curtain Call

Being a master of ceremony is awesome!

So honestly when I first discovered that i was to become the MC for the closing ceremony of the english carnival, the first thing that went trough my head was:

" Me? Handling a hall full of people? For real?"

But after going through it, I kind of loved it. Plus I got to do it with my best friend which made the experience more exciting. My happy phase started on Thursday which was the day my class drama would be performing, competing with another 4 dramas. I came to watch and support my drama. I was the scriptwriter so my job was limited. But when I got there, I ended up being the stage manager, acting coach and sound engineer. Try juggling that...

Our drama went out fine, it wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be but it worked out great. The director froze minutes before the opening which made me take the reigns. I was literally shouting and cussing at the back of the stage, making sure everything and everyone was in place. The cast was awesome and I'm so proud of them.

The rehearsal for the final ceremony was on Friday. I bonded with the cast and crew of 1950's Sacrificial Love. I knew almost all of them but I got to know them more that day. It was fun, going back stage, telling everyone they look adorable with their costumes. Their drama itself even made me cry.

The actual night was nerve racking at first. I hanged out back stage with the cast of 1950's Sacrificial Love. Being near my friends helped me calm down. An funny conversations came up when I was back there

Shana: I really want you guys to win the competition.

Zhi Hui: What makes us better than the other drama?

Shana: The boys of your drama are more good looking....

Me and boys. But i did get a chance to interview Jol on stage which increased his market value tremendously. Girls are going gaga over him. You're welcome Jol!

-Jol & Zhi Hui-

The whole ceremony went well thanks to the great coordination of Mr Redza. After working with him, now I know why people say he is an awesome teacher. The drama Metamorphosis won the drama competition, which made Mr Redza even more proud cause its his class. If there was an awards for best villain/comedian, Abang Mar (the devil) would totally win. He was hilarious!

-Abang Mar, the devil-

All and all, I had so much fun. English Carnival was the bomb and i enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to Tiqa for helping me be the MC of the closing ceremony and thanks to Mr Redza for giving us the chance and for organizing an amazing event.

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Hasta Luego!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The End Of Our Journey: Doleful Trip Back

This is the 3rd post. Go back down to read my Kakom experience from the beginning. Thanks!

It had to end somewhere but it ended with a BANG!

So Kakom had to end, right? It was sad. I felt it first thing Wednesday morning. I slept at 4.30am and woke up at 6.30am. That night, I hung out with some of the futsal players. We chatted for like 2 hours. We had to control the loudness of our laughter because everyone else was asleep. It was fun cause I'm not close with the futsal players and that night i realized who they really are. They are actually pretty awesome guys with a great sense of humor.

It was pretty quite in the bus. We passed through Perlis and got to see just how natural that state is. The never ending sugar cane plantation was magnificent. When we arrived at Gua Kelam, it started to rain. Zhi Hui joked that the cave would be flooded and we would all die. The she asked me if I drowned, which of the basketball players would save me first. I actually do have a clear answer in my head.

Gua Kelam was interesting. There is so much history to it. The funny part was when Fong Lin translated some of the chinese words that were written on the walls of the caves and it says something like "I miss my girlfriend".

Then we went to Padang Besar. The stuff there are like super cheap and the knock offs are of very high quality. Seriously, i can tell if a handbag is original or not and the stuff at Padang Besar are pretty damn close. But I just bought myself a rocker t-shirt (it only cost 10 bucks, I should have bought 8).

The lunch at Jo Cendol Pulut was great. I haven't had cendol in a long time. Plus Zhi Hui, Tien, Aiman and I had great conversations together. The mee kuah was to die for. Honestly! Thanks Cikgu Azman for a superb lunch!

The rest of the ride home was pretty agonizing. No there was no problem with the air conditioning but something messed up my emotions on the bus. Oddly enough, Aiman was the one that soothed my temperamental emotions. It made me realize that he has a heart after all. Thanks dude, I owe you one.

You know, it struck me when the bus dropped me off at Sungai Buloh (when Farhan said bye to me) that i might never have this experience again. I gained a family in Perlis. Will we still be that close when we go back to college? Will we have time for each other? Will you say hi to me if we bumped into each other on the way to class? I know I will try because something like this doesn't come very often and I'm glad it happened to me.

To my KAKOM family, thanks for the great memories. You guys will always have a place in my heart.

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Hasta Luego