Saturday, June 13, 2009


Blood is thicker than water

I'm currently at my grandparent's house in KL, sitting in front of the MAC while eating a Pop tart. I came back to pick up my ATM card that has been delayed for weeks. Now the card is safely tucked inside my wallet, waiting to be shoved into a machine for money withdrawal. Lets hope that the act of shoving my card into a machine doesn' t turn into a habit.

The first to greet me yesterday night when I arrived home was my younger sister. It was a relieve to see her. I know it's been a week since I last saw her but she is the person I miss the most when I'm at KMM. There were a lot of things during my childhood that were never constant due to the fact that I have divorced parents. But I can truly say that my sister is the most constant thing or person in my life.

She was fortunate enough to get the modern name of Nasha while I got a very traditional name. But almost everyone outside my family calls me Shana. So people always assume that my sister and I are twins with anagrammatic names. Plus we look like carbon copies of each other. The diferrence is that she's taller and lighter while I'm shorter and darker.

It was nice to tell her all the interesting tales of college life especially the ones involving the ravishing men of KMM. She's quite frustrated at the fact that I can be close with many boys and still keep my emotions in check. She on the other hand easily fall for the charm of men. Apart from my college stories, she also kept me in the loop with the dramas of my former high school, Convent Bukit Nanas. It seems like that place ever seems to run short of theatrics.

We went to Pavilion together and watched Drag Me To Hell with dad. When we got home, our usual activity of sitting down in our room and talking would resume. Then she would pick up the guitar, play a familiar tune and ask me to sing in my horrible voice. When there are no more songs to sings , she would start singing the song that she wrote a couple of weeks ago. I helped her with the lyrics of the song and until now, I haven't fully grasped the fact that it's an awesome song.

Well, I'm going back to Melaka tomorrow. Thats all about my annoying younger sister. Behave yourselves, people!

Embracing the symphony of: You're not sorry (CSI remix) by Taylor Swift

Hasta Luego!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The first time is always the most interesting

Welcome to all internet addicts, computer freaks and blog readers of KMM. Some of you right now are suppose to be writing a report, finishing you tutorial, start researching on your presentations or most probably, you should be studying. But instead you're online, checking your facebook updates, replying your myspace comments and reading my blog. So I thank you for commiting a small act of procrastination just so you could read my blog. 

As this is my first post on my new blog, I want to start with a brief introduction of myself. The answer to that question thats been boiling in your mind is: Yes, I am a muslim and I am a Malay. I was born in this humid country of Malaysia. But I grew up elsewhere. 

I call Kuala Lumpur home and I do call myself a true metropolitan girl. I love KL so much that everytime I go to a place where the air is clean, I feel like I just stepped into another planet with a different atmospheric pressure. Honestly, it took some time to get use the fresh air of the Melaka countryside. 

I'm currently taking Life Science which is agony for me because I hate the numerical aspects of science. I have always had an aversion towards numbers. I can't explain why. To make things worst, half the things we learn in Matrix involves numbers. I'm only here at KMM because if I do well, I can go to university at a faster pace. I dream of studying English at university and leave behind the complexity of science for good. 

What else? Oh, I have a public love affair with music. It's the only thing that has kept me sane for the past couple of years. Thats why if you see me walking to Dewan Kuliah or waiting in line at the cafe, the earplugs are always in my ear. Music can calm me down during the most hectic hours, it can wake me up during the jaded days and it can inspire my soul during the most empty times. Music is literally my perfect dose of heroin. 

Well that's enough about me. I hope all you guys have a nice day. Behave yourselves. 

Banging my head to the beats of : Beating heart baby by Head Automatica

Hasta Luego!