Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Desperation Led To An Adventure

Take a risk! You never know what might happen.

So even though there was UPS the following Monday, I still went back home last weekend. My date with Bumblebee could not be delayed any longer! I didn't book a ticket online like I use to. So the plan was to get to the Masjid Tanah bus station and buy a ticket on the spot. But I ran out of lucky potion and all the tickets for the 4.30 pm bus to KL were sold out thanks to the UiTM students. 

Thankfully my crisis was shared with some people because I wasn't the only one who was planning to go back. I met Aliph there. I know who he is but I never talked to him before. So I asked him about the tickets and we decided to take a risk, go to Alor Gajah and hopefully get tickets there. So the 4 of us grabbed a cab and took a chance at Alor Gajah. But the tickets at Alor Gajah were sold out too. 

The whole thing was funny cause Aliph and I were thinking of grabbing a bus to Seremban and then taking a train to KL. Thats how desperately we wanted to go back. The other two girls were not too fond of our cross country roadtrip. Thankfully there were tickets for a 6.30 bus from Masjid Tanah. Back to MT again!

So to kill time, aliph and I talked. He was surprised that I'm an ex-CBNer. Only then did he realise that I was the CBN prom photographer and that I took his picture during prom. He was also surprised at the vast knowledge I have towards the social scene in KL as well as KMM. 

One thing I want to remind you guys:

People talk and when they do, it will most probably get back to me. So be careful of what you say, especially in KMM.

So in the end I had fun going to Alor Gajah and back. It was like an adventure. You know, the panic, the misery and the laughter turned that whole experience into a wild one. Plus I made some new friends. 

Drowning in the symphonies of: Falling for you by Colbie Caillat

Hasta Luego!