Friday, August 14, 2009

Curtain Call

Being a master of ceremony is awesome!

So honestly when I first discovered that i was to become the MC for the closing ceremony of the english carnival, the first thing that went trough my head was:

" Me? Handling a hall full of people? For real?"

But after going through it, I kind of loved it. Plus I got to do it with my best friend which made the experience more exciting. My happy phase started on Thursday which was the day my class drama would be performing, competing with another 4 dramas. I came to watch and support my drama. I was the scriptwriter so my job was limited. But when I got there, I ended up being the stage manager, acting coach and sound engineer. Try juggling that...

Our drama went out fine, it wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be but it worked out great. The director froze minutes before the opening which made me take the reigns. I was literally shouting and cussing at the back of the stage, making sure everything and everyone was in place. The cast was awesome and I'm so proud of them.

The rehearsal for the final ceremony was on Friday. I bonded with the cast and crew of 1950's Sacrificial Love. I knew almost all of them but I got to know them more that day. It was fun, going back stage, telling everyone they look adorable with their costumes. Their drama itself even made me cry.

The actual night was nerve racking at first. I hanged out back stage with the cast of 1950's Sacrificial Love. Being near my friends helped me calm down. An funny conversations came up when I was back there

Shana: I really want you guys to win the competition.

Zhi Hui: What makes us better than the other drama?

Shana: The boys of your drama are more good looking....

Me and boys. But i did get a chance to interview Jol on stage which increased his market value tremendously. Girls are going gaga over him. You're welcome Jol!

-Jol & Zhi Hui-

The whole ceremony went well thanks to the great coordination of Mr Redza. After working with him, now I know why people say he is an awesome teacher. The drama Metamorphosis won the drama competition, which made Mr Redza even more proud cause its his class. If there was an awards for best villain/comedian, Abang Mar (the devil) would totally win. He was hilarious!

-Abang Mar, the devil-

All and all, I had so much fun. English Carnival was the bomb and i enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to Tiqa for helping me be the MC of the closing ceremony and thanks to Mr Redza for giving us the chance and for organizing an amazing event.

Drowning in the symphonies of: What if by Ashley Tisdale

Hasta Luego!

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