Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ramadhan Workouts

It's all in the wrist

So I know that it's fasting month and energy is drained from your body faster than you can say "Hunger! Oh the the hunger!". But today after many invitation from others, Tiqa and I went to Astaka for some 'riadah' time.

Zhi Hui, Tien, Ifwat and Qayyum were busy playing doubles in the tennis court. It was weird to see Ifwat using his basketball skills while playing tennis. It was funny to see Qayyum making faces everytime he misses a shot. It was hilarious to see both of them get beat up by 2 girls. But hey, Zhi Hui and Tien are Kakom silver medalist.

Tiqa and I decided to give basketball a try. Mind you, I meticulous watched my sayangs play every game during Kakom and I know all their individual tricks by heart. But never did I thought of actually playing with them.

Even though Aiman says he can't teach, but when it comes to basketball, he's wrong. He taught Tiqa and I to shoot and dribble. After passing the shooting stage, he taught me how to do a 'layout'. Its a two step move where you vertically shoot the ball up and the momentum would miraculously take it into the hoop. After many attempts, I managed to do it once. Aiman was patient the whole way, correcting my mistakes and improving my skills.

I can't believe I'm actually complimenting Aiman in the cyber world..... You're welcome sweetheart!

After watching the boys play a couple of rounds, smack talking in court and learning that Aiman 2 (there was another Aiman in court) is actually an awesome player, we went our separate ways. I then headed back, took a long cold shower and ate dinner with my roommates.

It was a cool day and my arms are starting to regain its muscular shape. I'm so gonna beat your biceps Elle! Look out! :P

Drowning in the symphonies of: Elevator love by Guy Sebastian

Hasta Luego!

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